Change in Human Development and the Minds Birth of Creativity

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CHAPTER 1: Introduction to the theme: change in human development and the minds birth of creativity. *Searching life on other planets *Technologies advancing Chapter 2.: Early tools of technology that shape mankind *human weather adaptations *Curing diseased for future generations *Space travel and human repopulation * human migration from earth Chapter 3 In this chapter we talk about planets and the galactic scale. Galactic encounter *Type1 planets *Type2 planets *Type 3 Planets Chapter 4 This is an overview of human evolution *Study current theory about human evolution, and human variation * Human genetics, and the interplay between the environment, *Human biology, and culture. Chapter 5 Global currency Medicine and global economy exploring human life. Animals and plants in the near future. CHAPTER 6 The evolution of the modern human brain Biological changes in the brain and its wiring understanding human social behavior before the human mind's "big bang Chapter 7. planetary Evolution Cultural forces surpassing biological forces in determining human evolution Changes in human lifestyle over the past 70 years Advanced in science and technologies. Authors REFLECTIONS- This course was a wonderful experience and it taught me a lot upon Biological (or Physical) Anthropology is the study of human races, origins,

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