Change in Life from Antebellum to the New Deal Essay

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Modern America can be considered one of the world’s economic and industrial leaders. This didn’t happen instantaneously. It was a long process that took centuries to occur from when America was first colonized by England. America started slow and far behind England and other European countries in the technology race but a diverse culture and the work ethic of American people all helped to push this country forward. From antebellum America in the 19th century, to the Progressive Era in the late 19th century and early 20th century, and finally to the New Deal period in the 20th century, many changes occurred as millions of people lives were affected greatly during this time. Throughout these eras in U.S. history, there was a general…show more content…
Over time, the immigrants were able to improve their own conditions through hard work and determination. In the Progressive Era, there numerous reforms were made in an attempt to curb corruption in the government and industry. This occurred in the late 19th century and ended in the early 20th as American industry boomed. Slowly, America was being recognized as one of the industrial leaders in the world. The immigrants that came during the antebellum period to the Progressive Era gave cities a large and cheap labor. They only needed a way to utilize all of it efficiently. When the assembly line was devised, there was a huge boom in factories. The large number of immigrants caused factory owners to focus on profits and disregard to working conditions. This gave birth to the Progressive Era, when many social and political groups, called the Progressives, tried to reform both the factories and the government. For factory workers, their working conditions were usually dangerous, which resulted in high accident rates. They worked twelve hours six days a week. Factory workers had little rights. Because of the surplus in workers, factory owners could easily replace injured, dead, or disobedient workers. So Progressives advocated on better conditions. They pushed for an eight-hour workday, a ban on child labor, and government regulation of working conditions. Slowly, skilled artisans and factory workers alike found themselves replaced by machinery. Because it was so

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