Essay about Change in Perspectives: the Book Thief & Changes

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Year 11 Assessment: Changing Perspectives RELATED TEXTS ASSESSMENT – ADVANCED ENGLISH

1) Prescribed Text – The Book Thief a. Compose a summary/synopsis of the text (plot/themes/characters/key concerns). (100 words only)

‘The Book Thief’ by Mark Zusak The Book Thief is a story of a young german girl named Liesel Meminger in Nazi Germany during world war 2. At age nine her brother drops dead in front of her and when Death himself comes to collect his newest soul, he becomes fascinated with Liesel. From then on death narrates the story of a girl who moves into a foster home where she develops relationships between her new Papa and Mama, her best friend Rudy, her secret friend Max, but most importantly we witness her relationship with
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This also shows the reader that by Hans recognising the old jewish man as human, the life of the Jewish man is significantly impacted as he now feels something of worth and can die now knowing he is a human. This act of giving bread also impacts the life of Hans, as Hans is made to join the army in the most dangerous class of work as he is now seen as a ‘Jew Lover’. Through this quote the audience can see that change is inevitable and impacts the course of ones life, as through one act of kindness, two mens lives are significantly impacted. Zusak explores the concept of changing perspectives through how he incorporates the idea that change is inevitable and impacts the course of ones life, into the roles of his characters in his book ‘The Book Thief’.

2) Related Text a. Locate a related text that includes and explores the concept of Changing Perspectives. Compose a summary/synopsis of the text (plot/themes/ characters/key concerns). (100 words only)

Changes - Tupac Shakur Changes by Tupac, is a song about the struggles and racial issues of African American people living in the poverty stricken areas or ‘Ghetto’s’ of America. Tupac sings about the injustices for his people living in poverty and how people need to stand up and make a change for the better, as the way things are going are not helping to
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