Change in Sheila's Character throughout An Inspector Calls Essay

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Change in Sheila's Character throughout An Inspector Calls

J B Priestly ‘s ‘An Inspector Calls’ is set in 1912 and was first performed in 1945. This mean there is Dramatic Irony over Birling ‘s comment about war. The plot concerns Eva Smith a working class girl who commits sucide. She used to work in Birling ‘s factory and every family member affected her life. An inspector comes to their house for investigation. Priestly message to the audience is that everyone in society is responsible for their own actions and the way in which they affect others.

At the beginning of the play, Sheila is a pretty girl in her early twenties, very pleased with life and rather excited. She is getting married to Gerald Croft. “Oh – it’s
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At the beginning of Act 2 we found out that Gerald had an affair with
Eva Smith because of that Sheila breaks up her relationship with him.
Sheila finds that she does not have much in common with her family anymore and she doesn’t believe them anymore.

Mrs. Birling tells her daughter not to contradict her and that “Girls of that class” often do silly things, Sheila is horrified “mother, don’t – please don’t for your own sake, as well as ours, you mustn’t”.
This shows that Sheila realises we are all equal no matter what class we are from, whereas the rest of her family just try to avoid blame. By Act 3 the Inspector has shown that everyone is part of what happened to Eva Smith. He leaves and the family are left to consider what he said. Sheila believes that the things the Inspector said were right and she realises that it doesn’t matter if he wasn’t a real
Inspector or Eva Smith is not dead.

The audience stays on the side of Sheila because she cares about people and doesn’t seem as arrogant as the rest of the family; she is also willing to admit her mistakes at the end of the play, the family are convinced they don’t need to change but the phone call right at the end proves Sheila right. “That was the police. A girl has just died – on her way to infirmary- after small- owing some disinfectant”.
This shows that the family will again find out that they are to blame. An Inspector Calls is
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