Change in an Organization

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Change: The process of becoming different. The Disadvantages of Change in an Organization by Elliott Taylor, Demand Media Change in business is good, but it 's seldom easy and can often be expensive. Managers are often drawn to change by imagining the possibilities and positive impact it can have on their organization. Before launching an idea, however, spend a little time wrestling with the costs and disadvantages also a part of the change. Ads by Google Bible School For Free 100% Free. World Class. Online. Be Enrolled in Just 15 Minutes. Change Might Not Equal Progress Many companies emphasize a culture of continuous improvement. While never being satisfied with the status quo can drive…show more content…
There may be many causes for increased stress levels, including perceived injustices or unfairness, lack of timely communication by management or fear of future changes. Loss of Loyalty Many companies look to salaries and benefits as the first places to cut back when looking to make changes that involve cost-saving. When this happens, it is inevitable that some employees will leave the company to seek employment elsewhere. The employees that remain, whether they stay voluntarily or because they could not find employment elsewhere, are often resentful. Motivation decreases, taking job performance along with it. Employees lose their company loyalty and may even become angry enough to purposefully sabotage the company. Increased Time Away From Work When organizational changes are announced, particularly when there is downsizing involved, employees generally divide into one of two groups: those who will attempt to control their fate and those who want to get out before the changes occur. The group taking control will usually dig in, increase their productivity, hit their deadlines and do everything they can to shine in front of their managers hoping they will sail through the changes with their job intact. The remaining employees cope with the changes by avoiding them. You may see these employees taking longer lunch hours, coming in later and leaving earlier or simply not

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