Change in the Victorian Period. the Role of Women.

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Change in the Victorian period. The role of women. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the country whose rich history covers many periods and eras. It saw its ups and downs, experienced both hardships and prosperity. It has been the leading power throughout centuries, with many countries looking up to it and kneeling before it. Still, the echo of its former majesty can be seen up to the present day. However, it is impossible to describe the periods all at once. It would be better to single out an era, we are most interested in, and retrospect it, emphasizing a certain aspect. So, the Victorian period is the one standing in the limelight and capturing most attention. The era, preceded by the Georgian period and…show more content…
There were numerous acts protecting the rights of men but almost none for women. Women were deprived, neglected and usually considered to be the husband’s “property”. Moreover, when women’s rights were violated there wee no institutions they could turn to for help. Men could get the divorce when a case of adultery occurred, while women could actually get divorced if husband’s adultery was accompanied by cruelty or abuse. Previously, after the divorce all possessions went to husbands leaving wives poor and deprived of everything. During the Victorian period some acts were passed that changed the position of women in the society considerably. From than on, women were allowed to keep their property. Nevertheless, even though women in the Victorian period didn’t get all the rights and freedoms they claimed for, the necessary steps were made to ensure the stable position of females in the society. Observing the mentioned facts, we can say for sure that during the prominent Victorian era women got more independence, social recognition and respect from the opposite sex. Still, a lot was yet to be done. -------------------------------------------- [ 2 ]. According to the statistics taken from the website [ 3 ]. Article “Women's Issues in the Victorian Period” published on the website [ 4 ]. Oscar Wilde, The
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