Change of Perspective: Europe from 1350 to 1600

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As the population in Europe started to finally experience the last days of the famous dark ages and pushed into a new and revitalized Renaissance, many important changes began to take place within society itself. The actions of Constantine and other important people of his time created a large religious movement as more and more people left their ancient pagan beliefs and turned instead to Christianity. The Papal Revolution then took place, forever altering the religious structure that made up the Christian Church. Other key shifts that occurred during the time period from 1350 to 1650 CE include: a major change in the way that government interacted with their people, the Enlightenment which saw many people observe life through a more…show more content…
As time continued, another almost equally important series of events would take place in order to further cement Christianity into all factors of Europe’s history from that time on. This chain of events is now thought of as one vitally important one: the Papal Revolution. Although many people’s view of what a revolution actually is may not completely coincide with took place during the Papal Revolution, it is one because of the changes that it caused over a couple of centuries. These changes occurred in many facets of the society at the time from politics to culture as a whole. In the political sense this revolution not only gave the Pope even more power then he had before hand but also allowed him to organize and direct three religious crusades into the Middle East. These crusades “not only increased the power and authority of the papacy but also... turned the Mediterranean Sea… into a route for western Europe’s own military and commercial expansion.” (Camino 28) In a more cultural sense, the Papal Revolution was instrumental in the finalizing the first universities in the west and then spreading it far and wide across almost all of Europe. The abundance of universities lead to an educational explosion that occurred throughout the classes and caused many of the most influential thinkers of modern time to

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