Change the Class Meeting for Material and Energy Balance from Tuesday and Thursday to Monday

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The chemical Engineering Department at the University of Minnesota Duluth was founded in 1947 and it has been offering programs leading to Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering (B.S.Ch.E) by using modern hand-on laboratory and design technologies. In addition, the department also uses active learning experiences that prepare students for professional success and research experiences for undergraduate students. Most of all, the department of chemical engineering produces engineers with great communication skills, teamwork, and problem solving skills and provides students with everyday experience in the industrial facilities. In this proposal, I will first discuss the current situations in Material and Energy balance class. Second, I will provide a plane to help solve the current problem. Third, I will provide the qualifications that would make me the ideal candidate for this issue. Fourth, I will talk about how my plan can benefit both the students and the chemical engineering department. Finally I will talk about the cost for my plan. Current Situation The purpose of this section is to discuss the reason why the Chemical engineering department should change the class meeting for Material and Energy Balance (MEB) from Tuesday and Thursday to Monday, Wednesday and Friday and add a discussion section on Tuesday. The material and energy balance class at UMD meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 am to 10:45 am. During this lecture time the professor covers the

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