Essay on Change within Organizations

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Why are there different perspectives on change within organisations

Organizational Change
In an ever-changing business environment, for organisations to remain competitive in this fast-moving world of technological development and globalization, organisations must examine frameworks regularly and manage change and their working practices and systems if they are to remain competitive. “It is becoming increasingly important for organizations to gain competitive advantage by being able to manage and survive change ” “Organizational change has become synonymous with managerial effectiveness since the 1980s (Burnes, 1996; Wilson, 1992). A definition given by Mark Hughes (2006 ) in his book Change Management
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Organizational models are assumed to be at the centre of all organizational change work. Systems and complexity models can offer more hopeful possibilities from which organizational leaders can appreciate and address complex organizational dilemmas.
This essay will seek to address four dominant perspectives how they differ in their assumptions and why are there different perspectives on change within organisations. The four main perspectives under analysis are the structural functional change, multiple constituencies, organizational development and finally creativity, violation and critical theory. Although these are four separate models, almost no organization operates exclusively in one.

Occasionally change is deliberate, a product of mindful reasoning and actions. This type of change is called planned change. In distinction, change sometimes unfolds in an apparently spontaneous and unplanned way. This type of change is known as emergent change. external factors (such as the economy, competitors’ behaviour, and political climate) or internal features (such as the relative power of different interest groups, distribution of knowledge, and uncertainty) influence the change in directions outside the control of managers. Even the most carefully planned and executed change programme will have some emergent impacts.
This highlights two important aspects of managing change.
1. The need to identify,
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