Changed Forever Essay

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Changed Forever For years, I have wanted to visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum. My youngest son had been there and was immensely touched by this. Therefore, I determined this assignment would be the perfect opportunity for me to visit and in turn write about it. Immediately, in all honesty, I understood that this memorial and museum were a dedication of peace and hope that will change you forever. The museum is a place of amazing transformation that offers a unique insight of the events that took place on April 19, 1995. As you enter it states, “Just like communities everywhere, it is the start of a day like any other day”, but as you proceed, the story of that day is revealed gallery by gallery showing …show more content…
Displays are set up throughout with artifacts that reveal details of the news coverage around the world, clocks stopped at 9:02 a.m., piles of car keys and pieces of crumbled concrete. Many desperate measures were taken and performed on this horrific day, but the specific one that will forever be in my memory was performed by Dr. Andy Sullivan who amputates Daina Bradley’s leg, from the knee down, sequentially to emancipate her from the rubble and save her life. To add agony to misery, he executed this ungodly measure with a pocket knife, steel scalpel and a nylon traction rope, used for a tourniquet, subsequent to his emergency tools failing. This is just one of the many heroic accomplishments that took place during this devastating April day. Exhibits continue to take you through survivor experiences, world reactions, rescues and recoveries, the funerals, the crime scene investigation and the case against Timothy McVeigh. Futhermore, there is a small office area that displays the actual aftermath of the bombing: collapsed interior walls, splintered wood, broken glass and a heap of books and papers. This portrays, first hand, the devastation caused by the blast. As you exit the museum, you are reminded of the 168 innocent lives lost that day by the memorabilia exhibited: a piece of the fence, originally installed to protect the site, with tokens of love, display cases filled
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