Changes And Advancements Of Human Resources

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There have been many changes and advancements to Human Resources (HR) since companies started implementing HR practices and procedures, officially into their business organizational structure. Some may recall a time when the Human Resource department was simply called Personnel. Many HR practices have evolved since that time, but one thing that remains the same is the Human Resource department has been and always will be responsible for managing anything and everything that has to do with the staff of the company. People are their business. As with every aspect of business, technology has become an integral and ever changing part of the HR department. It now affects how companies recruit for open positions in their company and even how applicants apply for that open position at the company. Technology also impacts the advanced ability for employees to work offsite, to have employees be able to telecommute to work. This advancement brings many new challenges and communication and security concerns to the HR department. As many companies have staff in multiple locations, this also brings new means of technology for employee communication. HR now needs to find the best most reliable means to communicate with their employees. Lastly, with technological changes in almost every sector of the world (banking, manufacturing, even extending to the food industry), HR needs to be abreast of every form of technology their employees need to be trained in, and
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