Changes And Changes Of Change Blindness Essay

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Change blindness shows surprising perception phenomenon that is noticed through the visual change of stimulus introduced and observers do not notice the change. When observer fails to observe and notice the change major changes and differences introduced into an image at a flick off and on again. People having poor ability in detecting the changes are argued to have limitation of human attention (Hecht-Nielsen & McKenna, 2003). Change blindness has provided a wide range of research that has important and practical implications especially in eyewitness position and distraction while driving among other areas.
In early observation of change blindness was made in 19th century when the film was edited and introduced. The editor came to realize that those watching it were not noticing the changed background (Norman, 2006). This made Williams James to become the first person to mention the lack of ability to detect the changes according to principles of psychology.
According to research, the earliest experimental change blindness is developed from the phenomena such as eye movements and more on working memory. It depends on the personal attention to the images they perceive (MacWhinney, 2001). Although individual have well informed and good memory on whether or not they have perceived an image, they also have poor recalling ability especially on the smaller details that are presented in that image. This is evidently through presentation of the complex pictures that are stimulated

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