Changes And Character Changes In Night By Elie Wiesel

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As humas we are constantly changing and adaping to fit our envionment. Humans also can have mood changes due to age, rough times or any other driving force. In the book “Night” Elie goes throug many changes because of the poor conditions in Auschuwiz. Elie had to change his ways in order to survive and keep his loved ones by his side. Over the course of the book, Elie changed the way he acted towards people, loved ones, and things he knew to be true. In the book “Night” by Elie Wiesel, Elie goes through many changes, as a character, while he was in Auschwitz. Before Elie was sent to Auschwitz he was just a small child that new little of the world. He made poor decisions and questioned everything. Elie was a religious boy before he went to Auschwitz but while in the camp he became otherwise. Elie writes “Moshe came running to our house. ‘I warned you,’ he shouted” (10). In the excerpt Elie exhibits his poor decision making skills. Elie and his family did not listen to Moishe. This cost them them, because if they would have listened then they could have avoided the concentrations camps. Elie was a young boy, knowing little, he asked questions a lot hoping he could find an answer. In the book Elie says “‘Why do you pray Moishe?’”(Wiesel 4). Elie is not afraid to ask people questions in order to find answers. Elie benefits later in the book because he asked so many questions in the past, he already knows the answers in the future. Elie liked to learn, especially about his
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