Changes And Effects Of The Hundred Years War

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The Hundred Years’ War is the seventh longest war in history lasting one hundred and sixteen years in which there were 3.5 million deaths. The Hundred Years’ War was between France and England from 1337 to 1453 over the succession to the French throne. When Charles IV of France died without sons in 1328, his closest male relative was King Edward III of England. Isabella of France claimed the French throne for her son, but the French rejected it. Philip of Valois, first cousin of Charles IV, succeeded the throne as King Philip VI of France. For about nine years the English had accepted the Valois succession to the French throne but finally they rejected it and Edward III claimed the throne. England poured all of its resources and manpower into…show more content…
These changes included society roles, and the belief of nationalism which made strong and powerful monarchs.10 Although both France and England began a transformation, they went in different directions. The King of England began to lose power because he was beginning to be seen as a person, held to laws of the government. However, in France the king began to gain power through the belief that he had a divine right to rule given by God and therefore he was above law.11 Also, in France the call to war was met not through feudal armies but by contracts and payment. This way of life allowed the king to increase power and wealth because he took the place as the highest power. However, these contracts gave the common people a say in government because kings needed troops and only the common people could supply. Both monarchs began to see a change in military expectations because of an overall change in belief and advancements in weapons. Kings and knights began to lose their chivalry because they were not needed to fight as cavalry units. The archers were better equipped to fight than the cavalry troops so knights began to lose their importance. Dominance in war and merit became more important than noble birth. Noble people’s power was put in jeopardy because they were not able to show their value on the battlefield. Because of the change, nobles began to try and…show more content…
There were many different weapons, some old behind established and some new and created by the kingdoms. The creation of the longbow changed the course of the war, giving a distinct advantage to the English. This weapon was utilized to its full potential because it changed the feudal armies to small archery based troops. There were also developments of other weapons that the English and French did not create but used the weapons for the first time in the location. The effect changed the way they traded and with whom they traded. New places began to trade with France and England so they were exposed to different cultures and societies. France and England took these new weapons and made advancements to them like adding a spear to the end of the gun or creating stronger bullets.21 New believes began to develop throughout France and England including the belief of nationalism throughout the society. This new belief changed society drastically and made for a strong and powerful monarch in both France and England. Because of these new believes army sizes grew which in turn caused more deaths but also increased manpower for the king. These believes solved the crisis because the king needed troops and the commoners needed money. It also caused France and England to believe that their country was superior to all others and therefore more powerful
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