Changes And Problems Of The History Of Television Advertising

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Examine changes and problems in the history of television advertising.

Advertising - which can be reduced to ‘ad’ - is classically used to sell a product or service. The very first ad was aired July 1st 1942 in the USA; in the UK the first ad was aired September 22nd 1955 on ITV. In many countries political campaigns exist and are essential but in contrast countries such as Norway and France control or ban such political campaigns. The two core tasks of advertising are to meet broadcast standards and to air an advert to the appropriate audience. This essay will examine television advertising and the problems and changes they have encountered over time, it will look at the social issues advertisers face and explore the solutions and falls throughout the history of advertising.

Ads can be seen as ironic in a sense that they are self-referential which helps the ads protect them. For instance: Adverts cannot be seen as a lie because they acknowledge truth about themselves; ads cannot manipulate as they boast about their manipulation; and ads cannot be objects to adverts as they admit their being and take themselves lightly.
In addition, ads are also self-referential because in accord with ads is the increase blending of ads and culture. In result of this, the industry creates adverts which appear to enhance our lives. With this; adverts seemingly appear to be an encouraging attribute that what could be considered interference.

Moreover, ads can be related to cynicism. For
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