Changes During Reconstruction Research Paper

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During Reconstruction there were massive changes in America’s culture, economy, and politics. Reconstruction for Lincoln was supposed to be a time for union and forgiveness. Who knows what would've happened if Lincoln could of cared out his plans, but Andrew Johnson took over and his plan for Reconstruction was very different. He believed the South had no right to succeed to begin with. He believed that the blacks should have no part in Reconstruction because today he's known as a racist. Andrew Johnson made sure to establish his all white government which to me looks like he's just copying the all white confederate government like before. Slaves were still oppressed during reconstruction but some advancements were still made such them being able to become educated through schools and colleges. Sharecropping replaced slavery in many ways, such as giving them housing which was basically the same from when they were slaves. They received part of the crop which was usually a third or half with the prices set by the landowner. Slaves had their freedom in a way but still didn't have the chance to flourish like the landowners. The former slaves had very little or no chance at all to leave because they couldn't save enough money to buy land or tools. But in 1867 Congress passed the Reconstruction Acts, again over Johnson’s veto. These…show more content…
As I think about Lincoln and all that he did I wonder if we would be at a different place today if he had not been killed. He might of died too soon but some good did come out of Reconstruction that Lincoln would of been proud of such as the 14th and 15th amendment. Those amendment might not have been held up when they were first placed into effect but there they were still there and a few years later they were extremely help for blacks to have the same rights as an other American that is born in this
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