Changes During The Middle Ages

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Changes in Europe From 1250-1650 This is the period was the height of the middle ages, renaissance, the reformation, and European explorations of the Americas and continuously evolved. During the middle ages, there was a huge economic boom. The Renaissance underwent significant changes such as education and art which transformed the culture. The reformation caused wars between the Catholic and Protestant rulers. The European explorations of the Americas were caused by increased wealth from the Renaissance. All four of these times periods had many changes. The middle ages, often referred to as the medieval period, underwent an economic boom, but not until after suffering. The middle ages were between the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of the Renaissance. There was no scientific accomplishments, no great art was produced, and no great leaders were born. Before economic growth, there was a huge outbreak of the Hundred Years’ War. “The Hundred Years’ War was the largest, longest, and most wide-ranging military conflict since Rome’s wars with Carthage in the third and second centuries” (Cole and Symes, 347). This war was huge and almost every power in Europe was involved in some way or another. Next, the seven years’ famine lasted from 1315-1322. Harsher winters caused more rain is the spring and summer, which prevented from any kind of planting. The famine caused 10 to 15 percent of the population to die. “Lastly, originating in China, the Black Plague was transmitted
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