Changes From The Progressive Era

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Some of the most important changes from the Progressive Era were the Savers ability to expand the role of the state. Public health increased which decreased infant mortality, playgrounds were made for children to play in, and better school systems were established leading to better educations (Mintz, 2004, p.173). The reduction in infant mortality was due to cleaner living quarters and other health safeguards such as pasteurized milk that was safer to drink (Mintz, 2004, p.176). School systems today still separate children into their respective age groups as to not expose children to things before they are ready.
During the Progressive Era, Children’s Court was also established. This was an important development because it gave children the chance to reform. Since most children in juvenile court were young, they were sent to foster homes or reformation homes where they could learn to behave properly so they could become a functional member of society. The juvenile court system is still in operation today and works relatively well. By having juvenile detention facilities adult jails/prisons are not burdened with children that have committed crimes and they are able to focus solely on adult criminals with different developmental needs. Juvenile court focuses on the emotional and mental state of the child and ensures that efforts are made to rehabilitate the child so that they can return to mainstream society.
The next progression in child welfare took a much more scientific…

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