Changes In Healthcare Essay

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Healthcare in the United States has come a long way based on my memory from just 20 years ago with my own personal experiences. The advancements I happened to notice over a measly 20 years seem to be nothing compared to the historical evolution in healthcare that has occurred over the last 10,000 years. Just from year 1850 to 1900 the country’s largest issues changed its focus from epidemic diseases that affected a mass number of people at the same time, down to acute conditions that only affected individuals instead of groups (Williams & Torrens, 2008). As time goes on, healthcare will most likely continue the upscale trend of improvements. I found a great deal of research that suggested technology and money as being two imperative…show more content…
The controversial topic of Medicaid Expansion is concentrated on money and very important to the future of our healthcare system. Evidence has shown even from TN in the past that the expansion of Medicaid provided better access to care and advantage of preventive services to a wide range of low income individuals (Tarazi, Green, & Sabik, 2017). However, due to stricter regulations in 2005 that reduced the number of those that actually would qualify for Medicaid, many lost coverage. Due to the higher number of uninsured that no longer had the advantages of preventive services, emergency room visits increased as a result. So if states can afford to adopt Medicaid Expansion, it can possibly be a benefit to a higher number of patients by providing them with greater resources to aid in preventive care that may keep them from needing costly hospital care. For other states, the expansion could be a true burden that may stunt their growth in advancing in healthcare. Medicaid expansion has been one of the faulty issues with the Affordable Care Act that has limited its success (Hall, 2016). The fact that states are not required to adopt the expansion opens up a greater chance that people at poverty level may not be available for any financial assistance for private insurance. This scenario shows the importance of money in decisions for healthcare changes and evolution. Technology would be the area that I would like to
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