Changes In Us Foreign Policy Between 1880 And 1910 Essay

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Throughout the years, the United States government had made drastic changes in its foreign policies. The few decades from 1880 to 1910, which saw five different presidents all with very distinct foreign policies, were no exception. As a country, the United States progressed from being a country only concerned with expanding its territory out west, to being a country on the verge of becoming involved in the First World War.
During the 1880's and 1890's, the United States focused on broadening their territory and expanding their country westward. During the early part of the decade, a vast amount of land was disappearing due to the fact that millions of people were moving west looking for gold mines and new farmland. The government was
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The United States was starting to export goods that they produced on a larger scale, due in large part to the rise in factories, as well as the growth in the steel, oil, and railroad industries. During this time, there was a huge amount of new inventions and industrialization within the country. Because of these new techniques and developments, the United States was proving itself to be a major industrial power. Around this same time, there was a massive rush of immigrants into the country. They came from all over the world; from places like Ireland, England, Italy, Russia, Greece, Mexico, and Asia. Any of these immigrants completely broke their ties with the "old country" once they moved to America. The increase in immigration, led to a rise in Nativism. Organizations were formed whose main purpose was to prevent more people from entering the country, including the American Protective Association (APA) and the Immigration Restriction League (IRL). In the late 1890's, the United States experiences imperialistic feelings rise again. The country as a whole feared our resources running out, so there was an increase in foreign trade. The intellectual justification for the idea of the New Manifest Destiny was social Darwinism, or survival of the fittest. In Latin America, the United States sided
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