Changes Of Change Management And Construction Sector

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Changes are everywhere (APM, 2006). Without changes, our society will not make any progress. Change management is an important part in project management and it is related with all industries. Projects bring about changes. Change management improves the efficiency of the organisation and help the project teams save time and money. In past studies, researchers have not considered how change management varies in different sectors. Some researchers tend to state that a framework can be used to manage change. However, different industries have their own characteristics and there is no one approach which is suitable for all projects. Therefore, it is important to think about the differences and come up with more effective ways to manage change…show more content…
Chapter 1 Introduction Since IT industry and construction industry are agile, changes often occur. Although there is a general change management framework, it is still necessary to analyse how change management varies between IT and construction industries because different sectors and different organisations have different characteristics. This chapter introduces the aim and objectives of this research, explains why this topic was chosen, clearly defines the scope and limitation and mentions benefits of this research. It can help people have a clear understanding of the context of this research and what kinds of works are included in it. 1.1 Aim and objectives: The aim and objectives of this dissertation is: 1. To analyse the differences of the background of the IT industry and construction industry. 2. To identify the advantages and disadvantages of the general change management approach. 3. To clearly understand how change management should be conducted differently in IT and construction industries. 4. To develop approaches to effectively manage changes in IT and construction industries. 1.2 Value of this research This research can bring benefits to both organisatons and future research. Although there are many studies related with change management, only a few shows how to implement change management according to different characteristics. For example, how to tailor
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