Changes Of The American School System

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Changes need to be made in American school systems. In fact, once American schools are reformed it would make it easier for those who want to learn receive an education. In the essay, “Lets’ Really Reform Our Schools” by Anita Garland, Garland explains why schools need to be reformed. Garland claims that American schools are in trouble and that they are a disaster. Garland also mentions that one needs to restructure his thinking about the whole purpose of going to school. To start off, attendance shouldn’t be mandatory and one must stop forcing students to attend school. Next, cafeteria lunch is always a big problem with students. Students are hyped up with all the salty, sugary, and fattening lunch. Not to mention, dress code has always been a big issue. I feel like schools should obligate students to wear uniforms in order to be able to concentrate in school work. I believe that schools need to be reformed in order for students to live up to their potential. Therefore, I agree with Garland that schools need reforming and mandatory attendance should not be obligated.
A student who wants to learn and wants an education shouldn’t have to be forced to attend school. I agree with Garland I feel that attendance shouldn’t be mandatory because that’s just forcing those who don’t want to learn attend school. Those who are always getting into fights and getting into trouble should not be able to attend school. I like how Garland explains why mandatory attendance is just based upon…
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