Changes Of The Corrections System

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Introduction Due to all the failures throughout history in corrections, there are several changes that have been made since the initial developments of reform. Humans need to be punished in order to understand wrongdoing, therefore the corrections system will need to change not only to modern society, but also to the populations to avoid overcrowding. Americans should transition to more probations and community corrections programs, but eligibility for the new lenient methods of correction should only be available to non violent or first time offenders. As society continues changing, the way the corrections system functions needs to change as well in the way it attempts to reform offenders. From experience in the police officer side of the system, its been observed that different offenders respond differently to different approaches or explanations of punishment.

History of Corrections In the early history of corrections, there were different forms of handling offenders. The different forms of punishment varied from corporal punishment, exile, or execution. Early methods of execution could include : being boiled alive, the “rack” which was used in the extreme stretching of the body until the offender was ripped apart, being burned internally, skinning the offender alive, or bring hung/drawn/quartered. The iron maiden was also sometimes used in executions. The iron maiden was a large coffin like device with spikes on the inside. In modern times, such forms of execution
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