Changes Of The Human Resource Environment Essay

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CHANGES IN THE HUMAN RESOURCE ENVIRONMENT by Sushant Uppal Course Title Professor (Tutor) The Name of the School (University) The City and State where it is located The Date Factors Contributing to the Changing Human Resource (HR) Environment and their Effects HR environment just like business environment is changing, and there are five factors which are involved in the environmental change of HR (Academy of Human Resource Development 2002). These are: 1. diversifying in Work force 2. Shifting environment of work. 3. Globalization 4. Governmental streamlining 5. Changes in machinery and financial system Diversifying in the Work force: Diversity is any quality that human beings are most likely to use to tell the difference between one individual from the other. The factors that helps one to tell the difference between individuals includes: Gender, cultural norms’, age, principles and race. According to Bennett (1993), Indians are mostly characterized by the work force therefore causing a diversity and making it to spread widely. Diversity is more likely as women, elderly and minority- group members deluge the work force. The number of women entering the work force increases daily due to amalgamation of factors like, financial needs, greater equality of sexes, women’s liberation, culture and so on, in addition the pressure of managing different set of problems at the work place which has arisen. The number of women is increasing in all walks of life that is;
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