Changes Of The Nigerian Culture

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Over the years certain aspects of the Nigerian culture has been changed or lost due to the continuous westernization or civilization of the inhabitants of the country and today we shall we will be going to into an in-depth explanation as to why this is true. I have come to realise that most countries have developed in one way or another, and this lead me to ask myself what price do these countries really pay to in order to achieve growth and acclimatize their countries with the expectation of society?. I found that most countries like Nigeria have paid very hefty fines. Nigeria was colonised by Britain in the early 1900’s under the leadership of Frederick Lugard, and as all typical colonial masters, Britain decided to try to “civilise” Nigerians by inculcating some of their values into them. Some of the said values include sending some of the male slaves to school abroad, introducing Christianity,teaching them to dress “properly” as well as teaching the women about home economics amongst other things . Britain 's relationships with Nigeria was a very clear depiction of the Marxist theory of the dichotomy between the oppressed and the oppressed, Nigeria, of course, being the oppressed and Britain being the oppressor .Britain implemented an indirect system of governance when ruling the Nigerian people, this meant they would leave the existing system of government and leaders and only add new ones to regions where they weren 't satisfied with the governance of the
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