Changes Of Transitioning From A Communist Or Authoritarian Government

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In Minxin Pei’s “From Reform to Revolution,” he discusses the different aspects of transitioning from a communist or authoritarian government, to one of democracy. In a pretransition system, private property was only found in personal belongings and savings. The state controlled all productive assets, and most people were employed in state sectors. Pei also says that the change must be seen as a dual transition of both democratization and marketization; liberalization and inclusion, and creating a market economy, respectively (Pei, 1994). In both China and the Soviet Union, the rise of pro reform leaders (Deng in China and Gorbachev in Russia) within the ruling party was the catalyst to the beginning of systematic reforms. Once this has…show more content…
This ability to maintain strong economic growth was able to counter the political outfall and depletion of legitimacy to the government (Pei, 1994). Today, China is one of the few countries that has been able to survive the recent democratization and is now a mix of Soviet era totalitarianism and state driven capitalism (Kopstein, Lichbach, and Hanson, 2014). While it is still a communist nation, in the rural countryside there are competitive elections that some believe could spread, and once the economic development eventually slows and structural changes at that time could spurn political participation and increase the demand for democracy. It is still easy to see the regime in China, although the economy continues to grow, little regulations make for hard and dangerous working conditions for many, including children, and those who don’t end up in labor the labor sector go through a restrictive school system where only the best and brightest advance adding to the inequality (Han, Xu, personal interview, 2016). Change was prompted in Russia by a combination of an agricultural economy, a bureaucratic state, and international pressure. This political crisis added to by peasant insurrection led to the revolution (lecture). After the era of Stalin and Leninist communism, a few

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