Changes Over A Period Of Time.we

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Evolution= Something that changes over a period of time.We can see this more in animals.

Fitness= Being physically fit and healthy. For example if gorillas can hit their chest the hardest are the ones that choose their mates first.

Natural Selection= Where an organism has to adapt to an environment. They will have to learn to survive and camouflage and who ever survives first has better chances for offspring.

Variation= is a change in difference and conditions.

Pressure= An organism that favors one thing over another and causes selection to occur.

Natural Pressure= created by natural forces.

Environmental Pressure= This has to do with the weather.

Microevolution= This a change from one species to another.

Extinction= History. An organism that one day existed but because of their offspring they went extinct.

Extirpation= When a species disappears from a particular area, but not from the entire planet.

Founder Effect= This has to do with the organism and their offspring.

Genetic Drift= The change in the frequency of time and date.

Speciation= a new species begins as a population and later on adapts to its environment.

Adaption= When an organism has to get used to an environment.

Population=The amount or count in certain areal of a species.

Allelic Frequency=The ratio of all copies of genes.

Sexual Selection= When an organism does something to impress their mate.

Camouflage= A way of blending into environment.

Population= The amount in certain areas of…
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