Changes Throughout The Land By William Cronon

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Julian Baxter
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Changes in the Land
The possesion of land has proved to greatly amplify and draw out several different stereotypes and conflicts between societies in the world 's history. From Many different accounts all over the world today there has always been a dispute over land. However other disputes shadow in that of the colonial New England settlers and the Native Americans, both virtually revolving their lives around this concept of land distribution. For the settlers it meant wealth and prosperity, for the natives it meant staying alive. William Cronon 's book, Changes in the Land: Indians, Colonists, and the Ecology of New England, illustrates the differences between these two separate societies and describes what life was like during the period of exploration and settlement in the New World. There are several other facts or opinions that one could take away from this passage, but the three main points are differences in the Colonist and Native conceptions of property, as well as how cultural stereotypes and eventual conflict emerged from mutual understanding of the land and use of property by each group.
There are many reasons why the English settlers journeyed to the New World. Religious freedoms and reformation was the first reason. The next was the potential for settlers to start a new, prosperous life. The main reason people came over to the New World was for a quick and easy way to gain more wealth.Many crops were grown but
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