Changes Throughout The Past East Asia

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In life change happens every day, new becomes old and there a new definition of the present. Change is the consist state of evolving and gain new values to a culture. Change has always been a part of the human race, people evolving to the future, the influence of others and hopes for change of the present state. In history culture have change so much into what they are to do. In the past East Asia have one of the most rapid changes to their society in late 19th and early 20th centuries. A change that brought the new and old together but also caused some tension. They have evolved so much, the country’s themselves, the people, culture, customs and relations. These country live in a constant state of striving to evolve, grow to become…show more content…
A big transition in life and a culture cause excitement but also cause confusion for a person that feels like they are not change with the time. This feeling of confusion in this time of the late 19th and early 20th centuries in East Asia was caused by the transition from one era to another. The change was so immense that for many it was hard to grasp and realize this was the new ideal of the present society. A transition like the one in East Asia was so immense that it cause many people to feel confused, anxious, unsure of their place in society, and uncertain about how to act or feel. They might be living in different countries but they share the share resistant’s to change.
This sudden change that happen so quickly is change the way there world once was. It hard to embrace change when you are still holding on to the past. In the short story “Creation” By Gladys Yang, the main character Junshi is going through this transition with society but he having a hard changing with the times and embracing the new culture. Which leaves him stuck in the middle between this two views. The author writes, “They should be broad-minded but they concentrate on outside affairs neglecting their duties at home as wives and mothers. Of course traditional ideas are no good, but unfortunately most of them have new-fangled notions which don’t make sense” (creation19). This rapid change in East Asia caused people to be in this in between state of
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