Changes Throughout The Past East Asia

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In life change happens every day, new becomes old and there a new definition of the present. Change is the consist state of evolving and gain new values to a culture. Change has always been a part of the human race, people evolving to the future, the influence of others and hopes for change of the present state. In history culture have change so much into what they are to do. In the past East Asia have one of the most rapid changes to their society in late 19th and early 20th centuries. A change that brought the new and old together but also caused some tension. They have evolved so much, the country’s themselves, the people, culture, customs and relations. These country live in a constant state of striving to evolve, grow to become something more. So people embrace the change and others were too stuck in the past to evolve with the countries at this time. These changes brought advancement, strength and hope to society but also caused confused, anxious, unsure of their place in society, and uncertain about how to act or feel. Many people at this time in history felt that confused felling over these transition of their homeland. In the novel Kokoro and the short stories “Creation” and “Kapitan Ri” the main character felt this type of confusion over there life in the middle of one of the biggest transition of Eastern Asia. All these characters connect through their feelings and action towards the change of their society and there culture.
Life is full of transition and…
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