Changes Toward a Sustainable Society Essay

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Changes Toward a Sustainable Society Steven Aulisio Changes Toward a Sustainable Society As mankind strives for advancement we learn from the old ways where we have stumbled in our past. We also adhere to the same mindset as we have in the past as well. As we learn from our past mistakes the changes toward a sustainable society become a reality but we are held back by the same unsustainable way of thinking. Technology which was once destructive to the environment is in many aspects becoming less and less invasive to it. Cultural challenges in population control, and the acceptance of the problems and the technology are still things we must overcome, however these are not impassable barriers. A complete…show more content…
We now have two methods of transportation which do not function sustainably. One of these systems can function sustainably, it just takes a culture change to make it function. At the start the system must function with the current culture. Our current culture depends upon reliability and convenience. “The foregoing implies that service must greatly improve, if need be at higher fares, to reach those who drive because they prefer to pay more for better service.” (Bunting, 2004, P.88) Because people will still pay less for public transportation than they will for a vehicle, if it is convenient, and reliable there can be a transformation into using it instead of driving. When public transportation systems are not only reliable, but timely and provide good service to a point that people would rather use them than drive the issue of transportation takes a cultural change. Public transportation would also create many more jobs in the future. People would now be able to get goods and services on route much easier and more conveniently than today. A forgotten bottle of milk will no longer include two trips to the store when the resource is already on the way home. Currently people speed to get to the store so they can pick up their kids on time because as they leave work there is barely enough time to run these errands. With a reliable public transportation system and its managed schedules there is no need to speed to get
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