Changes Within the Education System

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Introduction There are platitudes of issues and elements that pertain to the educational process as well as curriculum development that are addressed on a routine basis. As many researchers have discussed, and administrators and teachers alike have grown to understand, if this current educational model/system is to produce creative, productive, active, and technologically savvy students-citizens the worst actions are perhaps having no actions at all (Stansbury, 2013). In addition to the grandiose mistakes of becoming stagnant (progress), educators and administrators are faced with increasing demands at the highest levels; this of course is making reference to both federal and state legislation such as No Child Left Behind, perhaps the…show more content…
Given the current trends of offerings, increasing in enrolment over the past four years(an increase of roughly 15%), as well as the availability of inexpensive hardware and software the complexity of change should be a natural and seamless transition of allowing more programs via online, more important when addressing curriculum of choice(Existentialism), should find new ways that go beyond the current offerings, taking the first brave steps in bridging our students to the outside world would prove a beneficial exposure over time for students(preparation for professions) and the university via increased global exposure(Snyder, 2013). In addition to relevance and practicality, investing more human resources as well as capital via online venues is a perfect and natural connection to Existentialism by which the university has placed great value. Characteristics at the School District Level Having been employed as a professor at the university for the past four years this researcher has observed several attempts to stay relevant and innovative at the higher education level. We (university) attempted to implement a sister-city/sister-institution with the emerging world power China. This program called for a cultural exchange via exchange of professors as well as students. The exchange program between UPIKE and like institutions in China was met with mediocre results, as well as a large number of negative feedback from
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