Changes in Cigarette Advertistments Since the 20th Century Essay

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Advertising is a form of communication between producers and consumers attained through marketing which persuades, encourages or manipulates the consumer to be drawn to a certain good or service in order to increase recognition and promote sales. In order to successfully promote a good or a service, sellers use advertising techniques that have had to be altered and improved over time as fashion, values and standards of living change. Advertising research and marketing research works to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising and the most common advertising techniques focus on appealing to their targeted audience through appropriate persuasive language and visual elements. This paper will explore the evolution
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It was the era in which high class and sophistication was seen as important . For that reason, the characters in the cigarette advertisements were presented as rich and respected. At first smoking was a hobby dominated by men. In the United States men represented 95% of the market , hence, cigarette companies launched advertisements that were appealing to them. This is apparent in Appendix 1, Chesterfield’s advertisement from the 1920’s, which was intended to appeal to viewers through their representation of gender. The advert is comprised of a man dressed up in a well-cut suit and a woman with a translucent dress, set before a background of a shining moon and dark sea, which makes it romantic and mysterious. They are positioned in a way that makes it seem like the man is protecting the woman. This appeals to the men that the advertisements were targeted at. As in Appendix 1, men and women were typically dressed up in smart suits and elegant dresses in cigarette advertisements during the beginning of the 1900’s, making them look rich and sophisticated. The characters in Appendix 1 are positioned in a comfortable way, making them seem relaxed which makes them appear more attractive and satisfied. Graphic design was also used in order to associate their products with particular qualities and hence make their product more appealing to
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