Changes in Fashion During the Roaring Twenties

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Beauty is what a person sees themselves as, and what others sees them as because beauty is based on opinion. Fashion is the current style that society portrays. The ideals of beauty and fashion have changed since the Victorian age to the roaring twenties to today. The most dramatic change was from the Victorian age to the 1920s. The roaring twenties ideals of beauty and fashion are similar to today's society by what women do to their bodies, what women wear, and how women see themselves.
Every women can find something wrong with her body. Women try to change, fix, or hide what they do not like about themselves. Women express what they love about their bodies as well. Therefore the roaring twenties ideal of beauty and fashion are similar to today’s society by what women do to their bodies. According to Alan Brinkley, one of the things women did in the twenties to enhance their beauty was wear make-up. Make-up is still a big thing for women in today’s society. Another aspect women changed about themselves is their hair style. In the nineteen-twenties, women “had their hair bobbed” (Zeitz). Bobbed hair was their new style, and it made a statement for their era. Women were taking control of their beauty. In today’s society, women take control of their beauty by dying, cutting, or simply straightening or curling their hair. For women the ideals of beauty were as important in the roaring twenties as it is today. Women will do what they can to make themselves beautiful and
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