Changes in Healthcare Delivery Essay

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Changes in healthcare delivery regarding managed care and quality improvement. Ethical controversies regarding stem cell research and human cloning. Healthcare Administration sampling and Implications of Market Profiles. Analyze how each has changed healthcare delivery on both the macro and micro levels. Provide specific examples of how both macro and micro impacts/changes: (a) Managed care and (b) Total quality improvement. On a micro level, although many Americans say they're satisfied with healthcare and healthcare plans, they still worry about the future. Teixeira (2005) states that they are worried "about treatment that could be denied them, about costs that could ruin them, and about loss of coverage." Healthcare reform is…show more content…
Improving care with healthcare reform, however, could ultimately improve overall trust in the healthcare system. Managed care has influenced and changed the ways in which healthcare providers make medical decisions. With the introduction of managed care, the control of the decision making has shifted from the physicians to the managed care organizations (Fottler & Malvey, 2004). Managed care has been accused of focusing more on costs and profits than on patient care. After a decade of cost management and distribution of cost savings to investors, administrators and employers will yield to legal, employee, patient, and provider pressure for access. In fact, financial cuts influence providers' decision, for example, to cut staff and to replace expensive and experienced staff with cheap inexperienced staff. Physician loss of freedom to make medical decisions, and to implement those decisions, breeches the doctor-patient relationship. This theft of autonomy, but persistent moral and legal burden of responsibility for patient care has demoralized physicians. What are the three most ethical controversies relating to stem cell research and human cloning? Why? To date there is not enough data to show the consequences of cloning. While we have demonstrated "success" in doing so with animals, there's no way to ultimately know the outcome of the work with genetics, mutations, agents in the modern work, and other unknown factors. The work with
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