Essay about Changes in Jared in the Play Blackrock

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The author of the play/book ?Blackrock?, Nick Enright has written a very dramatic play towards today?s society. During the book he uses lots of techniques to make it relate to the audience, therefore making it more appealing to the readers. Friendship is also a major factor in the book, ?Blackrock?. Throughout this play, many different attitudes and values are brought up. It is very appealing towards my age bracket because of its relevancy. In the beginning, Jared is seen as a party animal and just one of the lads, this all starts to change after the incident the night of the partying Blackrock. Before the party, Jared was all about girls, grog and mates. After the incident he changes significantly, he doesn?t want to go to school…show more content…
The guys in the book treated the girls badly. They were always talking to them badly, acting like they were unimportant and less powerful. Jared was also like this, but I believe he changes after the incident and especially after Rachel breaks up with him, he goes back to her to try get back together he shows her respect and sensitivity, very unlike the original Jared before the rape/murder. Because Jared?s father walked out on the family it has always been Jared and Dianne, before the party they seemed relatively close enough, but after the incident Jared couldn?t care less about anyone especially Dianne. This was so obvious when Jared wouldn?t even give her the time to let her tell him that she had breast cancer, not even a week before the operation to have her breast removed! Dianne tries to talk to him on many occasions but Jared always has more important stuff to do than to listen to his mum tell him she might die. And because she wanted Jared to know first she couldn?t tell anyone else til he knew, so when the girls wanted to go out they couldn?t understand what Dianne ment when she said she didn?t want to go she ?had some stuff happening?, ?im not in much of a party mood? and ?I?ve got worries of my own?. This makes it really tough for Dianne, all because Jared was too busy with himself, he was too selfish to see that other people had problems too. Jared was all about

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