Changes in Marlin in "Finding Nemo" Essay

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Finding Nemo...The Independence He Deserves

Through much thought and contemplating, one character that I thought made significant changes throughout the movie is Marlin. Now Marlin is a clownfish from the movie Finding Nemo. Marlin makes several changes throughout the movie based solely on the problems that he is faced with and the way that he chooses to handle them. He is faced with four major problems and the choices that he makes to react to those problems changes his entire view on life. He is face with the loss of a majority of his family, confrontation with death, and finally he finds what he truly wants in life.

Marlin is a clownfish who, along with his wife, lives on the edge of a coral reef in an anemone. He is what
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There is where Marlin's real adventure begins.

On his pursuit he meets a blue fish named Dori, who has a memory problem. She undoubtedly is annoying to Marlin and he gets very impatient with her when she continues to repeat herself. Against his better judgment he agrees to let her help him find his lost son. For the next few days, as the movie goes, they have several encounters with other marine wildlife that according to Marlin are dangerous. First they encounter three sharks which are known to be solely meat eaters but they join the sharks and spend some time with them that show them that not all sharks are that way but some feel that fish should be thought of as "friends, not food" as the sharks like to say. With this knowledge he begins to trust more of the other sea creatures that he did before.

His next encounter involves a school of jellyfish which descend down upon them while they are going over a gorge. Trying to save Dori from any injury, knowing that he isn't going to be hurt nearly as bad from their stingers, he plays a game with Dori. The game is that they race to see whichever fish can get thought the jellyfish first without touching the tentacles and only touching the tops or heads of the jellyfish. But when Dori gets caught in the tentacles of several jellyfish he risks his own life to save her and carry her body through the rest of the school. This is something that he wouldn't have even
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