Changes in United States Policy During World War II

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World War 2 Germany signs the Treaty of Versailles that officially ended world 1. World War 1 was a destruction to human life. World War 1 was viewed as pointless because there was nothing solved and they end the same place they started at. Due to the death toll the United States changed the Foreign Policy to Intervene to Isolation which means that the United States does not get involved with foreign country affairs. A better way to explain United States Foreign Policy is by high and low tide being isolation. Although the United States Foreign was isolation before World War two started it changed to interevne after the attack on Pearl Harbor which pulled the United States into the war which was ended by the dropping of two atomic bombs. The United States foreign policy is changed to intervene during World War one. In 1920’s was the end of World War One at the Treaty of Versailles. This war was pointless and was a massive destruction of human life. (Bigelow) At the end of World War One there were no progress everybody ended up in the same spot they started at. All the countries that was involed in World War One agreed not to go to war again. The proof of this was an act called the KellogBrand Act. (Bigelow) This act out lawed war. Hitler was not always a powerful leader. Hilter was born April 20, 1889 in Braunav, Austria. As a child he was a poor student in high school. (Hoffmann) Hitler was a very poor student shows that he was not always powerful.
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