Changes in Various Public Sector Undertakings

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Descriptive & Exploratory Analysis
Where I have tried to analyze technological Changes in Various Public Sector Undertakings and how that change is implemented is implemented and Managed. Complete research is based on Primary & Secondary data which is collected from:
• Interview
• Questionnaire
Secondary Data
• Journals
• Research Paper
• Newspaper
• Internet
• Books
• Magazines
• Company’s website
• Informal Interview with the member of the company
Sample Size
No. of Employees: 150
Employees of Various Public Sectors companies which have adopted Technological Changes like :NTPC, SBI.
Data Interpretation: In Public sector employees may not have handled individual projects but yes they have been participating in the group which are involve in continuous improvement of organization. As they are judged on annul performance for the appraisal so it keep on motivate them to grow in their career and it helps for the organization’s overall development.
Data Interpretation: As 68% of the researched people understand that change affect all the areas whether its individual, Organizational or society so it gives us the understanding that they understand that any change in the Organization will also bring change in their lives
Data Interpretation : It will be easy to implement change when employees understand that resistance to new is the general tendency of humans.
Data Interpretation: For a successful technological Change implementation The most important factor is

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