Changes in a Life After Diagnosis of Diabetes

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Many of us experience change in our entirely life some changes we want to do and others we need to do for a better lifestyle. Same happened to my Dad when he needs to change his food habits and exercise habits after he was diagnostic with Diabetes Type 2.My dad has to change his old habits and he learns a new challenge lifestyle. This was difficult in the beginning, but after time he understood that he needs to change in pro to live better. Many people has to change his/her lifestyle when is diagnostic with a chronic disease without of cure such as diabetes. They need to learn how management and treatment this sickness. First of all, what is Diabetes? ”Diabetes is a disease in which the body fails to produce or properly use insulin.” (Davis 3) In other words, when we ate food, the food travels to the stomach. Food is made of three essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats. During normal digestion carbohydrates are break down in sugar as named glucose. The glucose travels from the stomach to the bloodstream to be entered to the muscle and the fat cells. However, glucose needs the help of the hormone insulin which it is produce for the pancreas with this help the glucose enter to the cell. Glucose serve as fuel provided energy to the body. This is how the body controls the concentration of sugar in the bloodstream. But, if the sugars enter to the bloodstream and the insulin is not enough then the sugars build up in the bloodstream and the (need citation)
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