Changes in the American Red Cross Essay

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(1) Changes at the American Red Cross have led to more transparency at the agency. These changes include making public record of its stance on governance and ethics policy. Also, each member of the board of directors is required to sign the Board Member Affirmation of Service, which mandates that each member actively participate a minimum of 15 days per year with the organization, read the Code of Ethics, and comply with the policy. Other changes include the Office of the Ombudsman office its increased usage since its implementation. During fiscal year 2012, there were 833 constituents contacted the office versus 354 in fiscal year 2008 (Ombudsman, 2012). This increase reflects a rise in the number of internal issues as the office…show more content…
Lastly, there have been instances of misappropriation of funds on the national and local levels. Due to the size of the organization and the wide range of local chapters, the systems in place to track the dissemination of funds has allowed for instances of embezzlement. This includes forged purchase orders in Maryland and the use of funds for gambling and gifts in New Jersey (O.C. Farrell, 2011).

(3) This essay will attempt to review ethical dilemmas of the American Red Cross due to a lack of systems and policies. In doing so, actions will be presented to aid with identification of the issues. Finally actions to prevent recurrence in the future will be presented. The reasons for the American Red Cross’s ethical dilemmas are due to the lack of systems and policies for dealing with the unique situations that require a response from the organization. This is apparent with Hurricane Katrina and the enormity of the response that was needed to address all of the needs of the victims, donations received, and the orchestration of the volunteer effort to include coordination of efforts with various organizations. First, the orchestration of efforts required and expected of the organization was not realized by the organization prior to the event. This means that all of the stakeholders were not understood and taken into consideration prior to the event. This led to ethical concerns of unpreparedness and slow
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