Changes in the Healthcare Industry

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There have been a great many changes in the healthcare industry in the past two decades, largely due to the globalization of the workforce and changing demographic patterns, and technological advances. The industry changed in terms of a reliance on hospital-based care to more emergency clinics, outpatient and nursing home services, and managed care. More hospitals merged, and many doctor's have banded together to form larger, more cost-effective, speciality groups. One of the largest and most obvious changes has been in cost of healthcare. In 1990 the avereage cost of care per person was $2800, rising in 2000 to $4700, and then in 2010 exceeding $7500. In 1990, 14.1% of Americans had no insurance and in 2010, and additional 50 million people, or 16.3%. Certainly these issues are concerns, but there have been incredible innovations that have changed the lives of all those involved in the healthcare industry. For example, doctors can turn their I-phones into an EKG monitor and transmit data in real time to a cardiologist, will cost less than $100, and will change the way patients interact with their physicins (Chideya, 2012). For society in general, and especially for physicians and the medical care industry, technology has driven vast changes in the healthcare environment. Computers were available 20 years ago, the MacIntosh had developed a bit, PCs were using better technology, but the Internet and massive memory and processing availablity for the general public had not
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