Changes in the Land by William Cronon Essay

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The Europeans changed the land of the home of the Indians, which they renamed New England. In Changes in the Land, Cronon explains all the different aspects in how the Europeans changed the land. Changing by the culture and organization of the Indians lives, the land itself, including the region’s plants and animals. Cronon states, “The shift from Indian to European dominance in New England entailed important changes well known to historians in the ways these peoples organized their lives, but it also involved fundamental reorganizations less well known to historians in the region’s plant and animal communities,” (Cronon, xv). New England went through human development, environmental and ecological change from the Europeans.

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Both had to be recognized and accepted by the other villages or communities. Since the land was a divided boundaries, Europeans had deeds for the land, records of ownership, that made it accessible to sell and buy land. Since the Indians thought of the land as free for anyone to use, nor did they have the need for money, therefore the Indians couldn’t buy land and Europeans believed that they were indigent.

Europeans had such high aspirations of New England that they couldn’t comprehend the fact that crops wouldn’t grow all year round. The first Europeans that arrived in New England came unprepared with no food or supplies. This lead to a large number of Europeans dying during the winter and thereupon informing future Europeans to come prepared. Although learning to come prepared, Europeans still didn’t have the full knowledge of the environment of New England. Europeans learned that food supply was based on season they would gather and hunt plenty of food during spring and summer to last them during winter. However, Indians did not gather and hunt more food to save for the winter. The Europeans saw the Indians as foolish and lazy, nonetheless Indians had fewer deaths from starvation. The Europeans even believed the Indians used their wives as slaves due to all the work the women did and yet Indians thought Europeans didn’t work their wives enough. Both Europeans and Indians had different
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