Changes of Weaponry and Warfare during the Middle Ages Essay example

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Changes of Weaponry and Warfare during the Middle Ages During the Middle Ages, or also known as the Medieval Ages, change was a major part of that period. Europe was watching war become much different. In the older times, a few thousands of troops were considered a large army. Nowadays, nobody has ever seen such size of an army with such variety in weapons including guns, munitions, and artillery that were all developed during that period. Besides, it was obvious that the face of warfare was changing by the end of the fifteenth century. Two of the most significant developments were the maintaining of a fair amount of troops on a permanent basis at the ready, and the rising need of gunpowder weapons and munitions. In essence The Middle …show more content…
When there are weapons, there is also armor. Knights wore a chainmail called the hauberk and according to Hilliam, “the hauberk was extended to include iron sleeves, mittens, and a hood” (19). In addition, knights also needed better methods to protect a vulnerable area, the head. The great helm had been introduced by the thirteenth century and it covered the head and the face with extra protection (Hilliam 19). It wasn’t too long until the great helm was replaced by the bascinet. It was similar to the great helm although it was a “more closely fitted
5 Tran helmet with rounded surfaces to deflect blows. A removable or hinged visor was fitted to make breathing easier, and padding was riveted for additional comfort” (Hilliam 20). By the middle of the fourteenth century, the chainmail was basically abandoned and plate armor was much more desired. It had “glancing surfaces” and it protected knights from arrows far better than the mail (Hilliam 32). But over time, knights seek more extensive armor and simultaneously, bigger horses were needed in order to carry the weight and bigger lances made from tree trunks (Hilliam 17). However, blacksmiths kept placing their focus into creating more developed plate armor and as plate armor did develop, Hilliam says that, “it was less effective to slash an opponent and so knights tried to thrust through chinks

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