Film And Photography Research Paper

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Film and Photography

Film and Photography has changed dramatically over the decades, from the camera obscura, pinhole, lomography and now we are at an age where almost everybody in the world has the means to make films and photographs in their pockets. Since the means of making filmic and photographic art are still so readily available, the rarity and uniqueness of the media has been greatly diluted. This makes it harder for artists to establish themselves, on the other hand this also means ; because there is more competition that art pieces are becoming more and more exceptional. I will be looking at how this affects modern art and whether or not I believe this art form has attributed to it.

Although it is argued the use of photographs are not as diligent as traditional art forms such as painting or sculpting, it has opened up a whole new breed of art; which documents and “captures, instantaneous fleeting moments”. Photography gives a take on perspective that cannot be captured by hand and because of digitalised nature of the media, allows the photographer or film-maker an almost unlimited amount of versatility through editing. Francis Firth called the use of photography “an attribute” I very much agree with him. The use of photography has been a prominently useful tool throughout history, many artists used photographs to capture a scene or portrait to be draw or painted later thus extending their time-scale. I have used photography and film in my own work. I find
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