Changes on the Home Front in the United States and England During World War Two

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In order to ensure the success of the war the Home Front needed to not only ensure its own survival but also the survival of the forces that were engaged in combat. The Home Front of both the United States and England were similar in their practices of supporting the war, but because of the advantages of the united states being isolated from the fighting and being a land of plentiful recourses, and England being apart of an island nation extremely close to the fighting, England had much more difficult position and their Home Front was under a much more immediate threat. Both Home Fronts experienced hardships and dramatic changes in their society as they were forced to adapt to a wartime economy, they were also forced to adapt to social changes and a whole new society and way of life for the duration of the war that would also change the future of both the United States and England. England being separated by only the English Channel had much more to deal with than just a harsh restricted economy they also had to deal with the immediate threat of could come from the European mainland. So England needed to mobilize its Home Front and this was done so in many ways to inspire the necessary changes to help protect its citizens. The British media and entertainment was essentially an extension of the war cabinet in raising public morale. The threat…
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