Changes to Create an Ideal Society

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Changes to Create an Ideal Society After the arrival of the Europeans and the settlements along the eastern coastal the young nation fell in an era of slavery through African Americans, Native Indians, and then the resistance till success of the revolution against Great Britain . Decades short after, wars popped up like the civil war, the Spanish-American war, World war and two, the cold war, and the war against terrorism in the Eastern Hemisphere. Also, conflicts like hater, racism, prejudice, violence, death, and destruction inside the border have created pages in history about U.S. suffering to have objective of an ideal society. Negative practices through citizens against each other like racism, stereotypes and prejudice was and still exist. All factors strength the creation of inequality and weaker the system of the economy. Unemployment leads into poverty and a rapid deterioration in communities grow further. However, as long as hope exists, we need to lead ourselves to get out of the darkness of social, economic and, political issues into enlightenment that will enrich the United States with more progress, peace, and prosperity to be a perfect society. We have to resist more and accomplish such goals is a way of enabling us to carve the nation on the history cover that will always be shining as a symbol for the coming generations. Many heroes have contributed socially and shall we put hands together to continue their contributions. For example,
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