Changes to Our Education System

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Sometimes, the way school educate their students are just filling their cognitive ability with overwhelming knowledge that some expert feels that it’s not the “proper” way to do that. Freire, for example, he stated “Worse yet, it turns them into "containers," into "receptacles" to be "filled" by the teachers” (Freire). When children are just “containers”, and lack of initiative because they are just do what the teachers said instead of thinking that “why should I do that? What benefit will I gain when I do that?” We might be “disillusioned” by the future of education. We won’t be at ease sending our children to school. Our faith in the education system will be greatly shaken.

The belief of teachers and schools play very important role in the education system. School and teacher works hand in hand to either improve or degrade the quality of education that reflected in their “assets”, alumni in this case. We can see how education institution’s progress by judging their accreditation. Albeit accreditation doesn’t reflect the institution’s true “grade”, but it is one of our consideration to enroll in or sending our children there. There is an education institution’s advertisement said that “with accreditation, comes trust, with trust comes customer”, somehow it’s not necessarily correct. There are a bunch of factor that society put in to account, such as, the mindset of its alumni,…
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