Changes to the Medicare Program

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Medicare currently pays for many preventive services that can detect health problems early when they’re easier to treat, give better access to claims and personal health information, and allow for savings on brand-name and generic when coverage gaps are met. The actual benefits of Medicare will not be changing. There will however be a new plan that is key to the Affordable Care Act that will take place in 2014. This plan is the Health Insurance Marketplace that allows individuals, families, and employees of small businesses to get health insurance. (Services, 2013 ) The Marketplace offers insurance plans through private companies that will provide essential health benefits regardless of gender, preexisting conditions, or preventative…show more content…
Medicare also does not pay for long-term care services, routine dental care and dentures, routine vision care or eyeglasses, or hearing exams and hearing aids. The deductibles are extremely high for the enrollee and their beneficiaries and there is not a limit on the annual out-of-pocket expenses that one could accrue. (Carroll L. Estes, 2013) The new health reform law will reduce the amount that enrollees will have to pay for prescriptions after they reach a coverage gap. The law will reduce the out-of-pocket expenses for enrollees who are considered to have catastrophic coverage. The law will be reducing the federal payments to the program and this will reduce what Medicare pays for beneficiaries. The law will reduce the amount of annual updates that Medicare pays to different facilities and will adjust payments based on productivity. There will also be new policies to reduce costs while also improving the quality that enrollees receive. Facilities will no longer be reimbursed for unnecessary tests and procedures, longer hospital visits and hospital-acquired infections. The law will also consider recommending programs and policies to help reduce spending after it has reached its target growth level. (Carroll L. Estes, 2013) There are many major changes to Medicaid in the upcoming years. States will be able to provide full-coverage to women with
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