Changing A Company's Culture

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Changing a Company’s Culture
When it comes to corporate culture, there would be no better example than Apple Computer as how change can take place based on the leadership of a single individual. This would be no other than Steven Paul Jobs, better known to the world of Steve Jobs. Mr. Jobs was worth slightly over million dollars at the age of 23. By the time he was 24 years old he was worth just over $10 million and by the time he reached the age of 25 was worth well over $100 million dollars. A staggering difference in just a three-year period (Denning, 2011).
In the interview that was given to Robert Cringely in 1995 for a show that was going to air on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) entitled Triumph of the Nerds (Denning, 2011) Steve Jobs tells how he created the culture at Apple from being different than the status quo. He speaks at length about costs and how the accountants would never seem to see eye to eye with him when it came to cost. What Jobs found along the way was that is just the way things were always done in the past but other institutions and that was not going to be the case at Apple Computer. He knew he could do better and change the way people would think even when it came to the accounting department at Apple (Jobs, Cringely, & Sen, 1995).
At the time the interview was given Steve Jobs was no longer working for Apple even though he was its founder he had resigned from the company 10 years prior and many things have changed for the worse at Apple…
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