Changing Bullying : The Utilization Of School Uniforms

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Changing Bullying: The Utilization of School Uniforms is Changing Bullying (Rough Draft)
Christina E. Oliver
ENG 122: English Composition II
Instructor: Angel Vasquez
January 12, 2015

Changing Bullying: The Utilization of School Uniforms is Changing Bullying One of the most important things, which we have to do as an adult or parent, is to help educate our young people. We must begin to inspect our effectiveness, to provide a sound education, for every age and aspect of human beings; within our schools. Our challenge isn’t just whether or not, we provide an adequate amount of resources for a child, but it is also whether or not their environment for learning, is suitable enough for them to learn. As we begin, to expect a certain aspect of respect within our classrooms. We have to go to the root of social indifference and judgments, which is socialized as a standard that we have grown to not accept. Our children’s social exchanges are a dependency; which is based on whether, or not they fit in to their surroundings. This root can be categorized as bullying, which can be counter reactive, with the utilization of school uniforms. Many will argue that this indifference surfaced from many aspects such as race, location of school districts, interests in other happenings around the student. And some will say the main aspects of indifference; within our classrooms is the unacceptability of those students, who cannot afford the same given opportunities, for…
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